Weekly Fleet Position

List of ESLSE & Chartered Vessels Location

Vessels Voyage Plan No. - 07/20       Last Updated on: 21-Feb-2020
Location Vessel Voyage Latest Position Latest Position Date Expected Position Expected Arrival Date Destination Destination Arrival Date
AFRICA SEA PORTS SERVICESM/V Josco ChangzhouAt SeaETA Djibouti22 Feb-Charter vessel
AFRICA SEA PORTS SERVICESmv Ocean silveat seaETA RBCT05 Mar-charter vessel
BLACK SEA PORTS SERVICESFinfine27NBAt Odessa19 FebETC24 Feb-odessa19 Feb-24 Feb
BLACK SEA PORTS SERVICESJig Jiga33At Djibouti anchor.10 FebOpen for time charter-
BLACK SEA PORTS SERVICESM/V Gambella39SBAt SeaETA djibouti23 Feb-Djibouti23 Feb-30 Feb
BLACK SEA PORTS SERVICESMekelle35 SBAt Djibouti12 FebETC21 Feb-Djibouti12 Feb-21 Feb
BLACK SEA PORTS SERVICESMekelle35 SBAt Djibouti12 Febopen to time charter-
BLACK SEA PORTS SERVICESSemera27 NBAt SeaETA Aliaga21 Feb-Aliaga21 Feb-23/02
FAR EAST PORTS SERVICESM/V Assosa28WBAt SeaETA Djibouti23 Feb-Djibouti23 Feb-28 Feb
FAR EAST PORTS SERVICESShebelle70EBAt Dalian26 NovETD Mid of March-Dry Dock
GULF PORTS SERVICESGibe71 WBAt Djibouti16 FebETC23 Feb-Djibouti16 Feb-23 Feb
INDIAN PORTS SERVICESHarar35EBAt Djibouti18 FebETC21 Feb-Djibouti18 Feb-21 Feb