Without further ado, the whole world is keeping their eyes on Ethiopia tree plantation more than ever before. We are awaited to break again the world record of planting trees. The intention is clear; the crux of the matter is known- the world is contained by the ghost; the ghost of Environmental threat. This is the very reason why the world communities open up their eyes on Ethiopia. The devastating flooding and death of people in Germany over the week is a visible effect of environmental threat. The high ranking civilization of Germany couldn’t save them from such disaster. In addition to flooding, drought, insect outbreak, wildfire, unbalance in rainfall, acid rain, heat waves, rising sea level, etc. are the outcomes of climate change. Hurricane, Tsunami incidences are in the thoughts of many people of the world. A yearlong tension due to the advent of COVID-19 seemingly lowered at least relatively. Nevertheless the event warned us the unparalleled importance of Oxygen to our very survival. Paradoxically enough we are carful of changes in our lifestyle, the house we are living, the sofa we are seating, the TV channel we are entertaining, the daily presentable dressings, the automobile model we are driving, BUT we are lax of the air quality that we inhale to our lung, the climate change that affects every human being irrespective of our social status, economic level, academic carrier, religious affiliation. Fortunately enough Ethiopia is endowed with untapped natural resources with a verity of topographic advantage to change our environment meaningfully. The national call to plant trees in parallel while we cast for national election ballot would have been phenomenal and historic had we made it. Dr Abiy’s national call 'ADORN ETHIOPIA!' campaign has to do with mitigating this global hazard. Cognizant of this call and as part of its merit on corporate social responsibility, ESLSE allocated an all-out effort to Adore Ethiopia. It looked a summit meeting @ Modjo Dry port on Saturday (17/7/2021) morning when the planation was accompanied by revered higher officials who in many accounts are commended as best assets for today’s ESLSE status. The ex-transport Minister Ato Junedin Sado(the workaholic minister known for his inflexible red tape supervision), Ato Mekonnen Abera (the mastermind architect behind MULTIMODAL working schema), Ato Ewunetu Taye (the vibrant engineer who transformed the dream into a reality), Ato Roba Megrssa who apparently captaining ESLSE with unquestionably high managing caliber and integrity. The executing top managers who shoulder ESLSE’s huge role, Ato Mihiretab Teklu, Ato Wondmu Denbu, Ato Siraj Abdulahiy, The department heads that make the heart of ESLSE to bit, the whole workers who activate ESLSE as nerve system to function as a system were all in the campaign at. Understandably we may protect ourselves by facemask or being vaccinated for COVID-19, we can control none communicable diseases by several means we however will not skip the persisting world environmental risk. The remedy would be planting trees and thereby produce oxygen to our planet. Extreme heat and poor air quality increases complications from underlying heart and respiratory conditions, like asthma, Kidney failure, pre-term birth etc. No one is immune from these imminent dangers if the situation is getting aggravated sometimes in the future. No vaccine no any other immediate medication could save us except greening our environment. Only trees keep temperature down and regulate climate and maintain biodiversity. Trees that we are planting will maintain rainfall, reduces the length of dry season, keep us from unbalance rain. It is how recycling water to the atmosphere works. AMAZON forest absorbs 10% of human carbon dioxide in the air. It plays a big role in recycling water to the region and drive atmospheric circulation in the tropics. Human-caused deforestation reduces resilience of the forest to climate change and on the contrary human effort on reforestation campaign boost increases Carbon intake by forests. Therefore developing a climate change resilient green economy across the nation is the order of our era. As we are anchoring the geopolitics of east Africa we are potentially the pillar for green economy for the sub region. Besides our various topographic advantage we do have Untapped natural resources to exploit. Bogale Abera demolished the wall of impossibility (ይቻላል) by planting 4 trees at Modjo. Ato Dereje Midkissa was more than pleased by the unprecedented passion of Bogale who made this besides orchestrating the logistic affair of the office. We as stuff of ESLSE and a citizen of Ethiopia have delivered our share of responsibilities to Greening Ethiopia. It is inspiring as all members of the ESLSE worked out equally as bees and ants with friendly like simplicity. The hierarchical relations prevailing among bosses and workers were no more there. It is imperative as we potentially feed clean air to own fellow citizen. We are projecting to be the lung of east Africa. We are mitigating the world threat at our capacity. Our practice is not as simple as half day activity. We are endowed with abundant potential to grow more and bring back Ethiopia proper. You are in Ethiopia where 70% of Africa’s rivers are originating/ leveled as the fountain head of Africa. 80% of African mountain is found in Ethiopia. We are endowed with variety of topographic advantages, as we have many mountains, we do have also the world’s deepest location (Afar depression with an altitude of 155 below sea level). This is the probable reason that makes Ethiopia rich in geothermal energy. Afar is the origin of the Great Rift Valley that extended up to Syria. To Ethiopia where Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy, plantation has also multifaceted advantage. Ethiopia will take the lead in developing and implementing sustainable strategies that lead to "triple-win" scenario (Combating global warming, increasing agricultural productivity and poverty reduction). As noted by the African Progress panel we along with other Africans can lead the world on climate –resilience, low carbon development and achieve the "triple-win" by which Ethiopia can attract more international support from WB, ADB and Carbon Finance Green Fund. By employing national campaign on tree plantation, we have the potential to amaze the world time and time again. We have to work as hands in a glove. On behalf all ESLSE stuff, I am most grateful to Bogale and regretful of those who missed their golden chance of greening our motherland recklessly. Having been the water source of East Africa with wide cultivable land, Ethiopia spends 7.1 billion birr for wooden product from abroad (visible simple in our doors, office tables, shelves that we use). After a couple of years we can answer the PARADOX of importing wooden goods from abroad crossing Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. Failing to plant few trees recklessly among billions of planted trees is a serious dereliction of national and moral responsibility.