Gibe Vessel Arrived at Berbera Port (The arrival heralded a new beginning)

The arrival of Gibe, MV, at Berbera Port on July 5, 2021, and the commencement of regular liner services by Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) has heralded a new beginning and success of the Enterprise. Gibe has taken the first stance to arrive at the port and Shebelle will follow suit. At the historic arrival of Gibe, MV, at Berbera port, Mr. Roba Megerssa, CEO of ESLSE, Mr Seid Mohamed Jebrile, Consulate General in Somalia, concerned officials of DP World Berbera port administration have attended the arrival and welcomed the Ship. Gibe and Shebelle are liner ships at Gulf-India- Sub continent trade route and their arrival at Berbera port enables the Enterprise to meet its plan of increasing its coverage of services in this trade route. Moreover, the Berbera-Ethiopia corridor has created new opportunity to provide competitive services by the Enterprise. In this trip, Gibe has moved 11,200 tons of consumer goods to the Somali land market and together with the goods to be brought by Shebelle will maximize the carriage of goods handled by the Enterprise. Many investors and port developers have showed interest to work with the port and the attraction of the port in the international shipping arena ensures the growing flow of cargoes to the port. In the history of sea transport of the country, the arrival of Gibe makes the new beginning promising after 20 years.