Shipping Sector Service

Shipping Sector

Shipping services sector contains commercial and technical operation departments and it is playing its enormous contribution by strengthening our country’s more than 50 years long shipping transport service and by becoming the backbone and pride of our economy.

Services Shipping Sector renders are;

  1. Mainly manages the 11 vessels of the enterprise and other ships it brings in by lease, chartering and slot arrangements.
  2. Transporting import and export goods of the country through sea transport.
  3. Transporting other countries’ commodities in lines where the enterprise’s vessels operate
  4. Enabling ships to travel in the planned time schedule and ensuring the safety of the vessels
  5.  Ensuring the readiness of ships to carryout import and export, fulfilling adequate trained human resource and other inputs, completion of all travel documents, insurance and other conditions upon international standard. It is the key sector of the operation with a responsibility of searching cargoes that are destined to the country.
  6. Performing the tasks of ascertaining whether the seafarers take all necessary trainings based on international standard, the availability of required number of human resource in the ships, the physical competence of the vessels, the vessels delivered transport service within the travel program, maintaining and preparing them to work all the time in case they have failed and other related tasks.