Weekly Fertilizer Vessels Positon

Fertilizer shipment Vessels Status

Vessels Voyage Plan No. - 17/20       Last Updated on: 29-May-2020
Location Vessel Cargo Type Latest Position Expected Position Expected Arrival Date Destination Total Cargo
INCE BEYLERBEYIAt djiboutiETB RevertingDjibouti50000
MV AGRI BRIGHTAt seaETA DjiboutiJun 0847628
MV INCE KASTAMONUAt SeaETA Djibouti reverting50000
MV MIRELAat seaETA DjiboutiMay 3040000
MV SEA NEPTUNEAt seaETA DjiboutiMay 31Djibouti61813

Vessel status at Discharging Port

Vessel Name Total Cargo/Mts Last 24 Hours Discharge/mts Latest Discharge Date Total Cargo Discharged/Mts ROB/Mts ETC ETD Remark
MV WELL FINE7861227232020-05-29301725011318/06/20Under discharging
MV TW JANGSU-27889517922020-05-29445353369210/06/20Under discharging
MV RIVA WIND4040030092020-05-2929788180329/05/20under discharging
INCE MARMARA5000002020-05-19500000departed from berth
MV MARYAM7500002020-05-06750000Departed from berth
MV PAPA JOHN5473002020-05-05547300complete discharging
M/V OCEAN BANQUET4050002020-04-30405000Completed and departed
MV SBI PHOEBE6100002020-04-25610000completed and departed from berth
MV CAS AMAR5500002020-04-09550000completed and departed
MV GLOBAL ANDES4040002020-04-07404000completed and departed from berth
MV GRAVITY5000002020-04-04500000completed and departed from berth 04.04.20
MV DIVA5500002020-03-31550000departed from berth
M/V OCEAN ENTERPRISE6100002020-03-20610000Completed and departed
M/V ANAHITA5970002020-03-09597000departed from berth
MV TWJANGSU7774702020-03-09777470departed from berth
MV INCE EGE4953502020-03-05495350departed from berth 03.03.20@12:30 hrs.
M/V NEFELI6141002020-02-19614100vessel departed from berth 19.02.2020
M/V SOFIA5500002020-02-03550000vessel departed from berth
M/V WESTERN SEATTLE5000002020-01-23500000vessel departed from berth 22.01.2020@16:00
MV REGO5559802020-01-22555980vessel departed from berth 22.01.2020@16:00