Weekly Fertilizer Vessels Positon

Fertilizer shipment Vessels Status

Vessels Voyage Plan No. - 19/20       Last Updated on: 8-Jul-2020No rows found!

Vessel status at Discharging Port

Vessel Name Total Cargo/Mts Last 24 Hours Discharge/mts Latest Discharge Date Total Cargo Discharged/Mts ROB/Mts ETC ETD Remark
MV DAI SHAN HAI3840028522020-07-071285425546July 18under discharging
MV INCE KASTAMONU4950022992020-07-07458203680July10Under discharging
MV AGRI BRIGHT6892812622020-07-074911819810July 13Under discharging
MV SEA NEPTUNE6181302020-07-06618130departed from berth
MV MIRELA4040002020-06-28404000completed and departed
MV WELL FINE7861202020-06-2177660952Shifted to anchorage due to cargo damage
INCE BEYLERBEYI5000002020-06-17500000Completed and departed
MV TW JANGSU-27889502020-06-16788950completed and departed from berth
MV RIVA WIND4040002020-06-01404000complete discharging and departed from berth @ May 29
INCE MARMARA5000002020-05-19500000departed from berth
MV MARYAM7500002020-05-06750000Departed from berth
MV PAPA JOHN5473002020-05-05547300complete discharging
M/V OCEAN BANQUET4050002020-04-30405000Completed and departed
MV SBI PHOEBE6100002020-04-25610000completed and departed from berth
MV CAS AMAR5500002020-04-09550000completed and departed
MV GLOBAL ANDES4040002020-04-07404000completed and departed from berth
MV GRAVITY5000002020-04-04500000completed and departed from berth 04.04.20
MV DIVA5500002020-03-31550000departed from berth
M/V OCEAN ENTERPRISE6100002020-03-20610000Completed and departed
M/V ANAHITA5970002020-03-09597000departed from berth
MV TWJANGSU7774702020-03-09777470departed from berth
MV INCE EGE4953502020-03-05495350departed from berth 03.03.20@12:30 hrs.
M/V NEFELI6141002020-02-19614100vessel departed from berth 19.02.2020
M/V SOFIA5500002020-02-03550000vessel departed from berth
M/V WESTERN SEATTLE5000002020-01-23500000vessel departed from berth 22.01.2020@16:00
MV REGO5559802020-01-22555980vessel departed from berth 22.01.2020@16:00