Port and Terminal Sector Service

Port and Terminal Sector

Port and Terminal Service Sector

Including inland Port Operation Coordinator and Port Facility Development sections within itself, this sector contains the Modjo, Gelan, Mekelle, Kombolcha, Semera, Diredawa Kality and Woreta Port and Terminal. This sector administers 8 ports and terminals, leads and monitors project activities and the development of other dry ports.

Services Port and Terminal Sector renders;

  1. Providing port and terminal services for import and export cargoes including Ro-Ro,vehicles receiving and handling over of cargoes to customers
  2. Receiving and delivering cargos
  3. Loading and unloading of cargos
  4. Placing goods out and place goods into container
  5. Providing of shades for perishable or defecting cargoes
  6. Provision of empty containers
  7. Stuffing and sending export cargos
  8. Container washing and maintenance service
  9. Warehouse services for incoming cargos and other cargos of various feature
  10. Facilitating related services such as the availability of bank and insurance services in ports and terminals
  11. Providing port clearance services